Saturday, February 18, 2012

Know Your Neighborhood Billionaires

I don't know much about this man but I am certainly going to try to find out more. Frank VanderSloot is his name and pyramid schemes, pedophilia cover up, and anti-gay propaganda are his games. You can read all about this bozo here.

This story brings me back to 2004. I was sitting in the student union at the University of Nebraska with my then roommate and now best friend Paul. We were eating dinner, quite possibly Chinese as the Runza had yet to open at this point, and your classic pyramid scheme schlub was selling his scheme to some innocent, freshmen, most likely strapped for cash. It was difficult for us not to overhear what this dude was telling this kid as we were sitting right next to him. What Paul did next will not only tell you a little bit about Paul as a person, but tell you a little bit about why I consider him my best friend. Paul leans over to me as if he was going to tell me a secret and says softly, "Hey, Kyle..." I lean over closer, Paul hesitates a moment and replies, "looks like we've got a PYRAMID SCHEME GOING ON!" "PYRAMID SCHEME!" "PYRAMID SCHEME!" "PYRAMID SCHEME!" and so on and so forth.

This anecdote is relevant here not because I wanted to tell you about Paul necessarily, but to say sometimes we need to be that guy who stands up for people who don't know any better. That freshmen looking for a job. I'm being Paul for those boy scouts Frank VanderSloot doesn't give a fuck about protecting. I'm being Paul for the silence Frank VanderSloot pushes. I'm being Paul for people who aren't in it for themselves.


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